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A wonderful life

This is my new Blog to show you something of my wonderfull life.

Whatever the subject may be, every sketch or photograph I have made implies its own story.

I would like to share some of those events with you as a way to describe what it can be like to be an artist living by his creative wits, painting, designing or writing.

Although I have a marvellous camera I never make a painting of a photograph and seldom photograph the things I paint. This is because I see them as quite seperate processes, one capturing a thousandth of a second , the other a hand made study often taking hours.

Some of these first location impressions have led to larger and more resolved paintings. For example from those pastels I made while in Antarctica where it was often perilous to walk too far away across the ice, I much later made paintings in the warmth of the studio. I then had them framed.

Of the thousands of drawings I must have captured on various types of paper many are kept here in plan drawers, others in twenty-eight sketchbooks. Valued as they are these books are now compiled and self published into four volumes titled ‘Unseen: An artist’s View’. I call them ‘Logbooks’ as the text adds much to the stories the pictures already tell from all over the world. I will show you some of those pages in my next Blog.

Everywhere, near or far from home I have found something worth looking at very carefully and stopping to study more closely.

Attached are a few recent and favourite sketches. db.

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