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Views from above - the early days

There have been thousands of events related to my work as an artist, designer, and photographer. I would like to show some of them to you.

Last night I self published a proofed edition of four hard cover volumes compiled from all my sketchbooks. To me they form a much valued part of my collection as they have never been sold and so remain unseen. It is conceivable the set of publications could be provided as PDF files.

A few days ago I taught a painting workshop, for me the shortest ever, lasting two and a half hours ! I called it ‘getting started’, a most difficult stage in any creative process. Eyes were opened in that short time.

Red Rock

Red rock Diptych

Unavoidably I continue to assimilate and store images I see everywhere , patterns from the footpath to the sky and every place in between, Vancouver to Venice or out on the Gulf aboard ‘Feather’, my escape to secret coves and islands.


Coastal triptych

Even my earliest visions on paper were views as seen from above. These were made possible only with an understanding of perspective. This knowledge is often avoided as some kind of irrelevant discipline to drawing and painting when in fact it can provide infinite ways of seeing things A Drone now provides a two hundred foot high ‘tripod’ and, although I never paint from a photograph, these views do confirm what I have always imagined things would look like from the air, even my earliest visions.


Flat water

The optical phenomena associated with water make it a most appropriate subject for painting as they share optical characteristics, the illusions of reflection, transparency, depth, and light.

Panama Canal 1951





Great Barrier



Flat water

The value to you might be what the attached pictures evoke in your own experience of life.?

David Barker.

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